Fáilte Abhaile do Liam Campbell


Sinn Féin Poblachach would like to welcome home lifelong Republican Liam Campbell After nearly 12 years State persecution, legal battles, remand in both jurisdictions, strict bail conditions and extradition to a country that he never set foot in, all charges have been finally been thrown out by a Lithuanian Court. Sinn Féin Poblachach condemns the 26-County for allowing his extradition to go ahead in the first place which was a blatant abuse of Liam’s human rights. Even the British State refused to extradite him to Lithuania. Liam’s extradition was illegal as the statute of limitations had run out but the 26-County State went ahead anyway. Sinn Féin Poblachach has always been opposed to political extradition. The case of Liam Campbell is one of the most egregious examples of an innocent man being hounded for 12 years by a Dublin government which has forgotten its roots.