Easter Statement from the Leadership of the Republican Movement

ON this the 106th anniversary of the Easter Rising the Leadership pf the Republican Movement send greetings to Irishmen and Irishwomen at home and abroad. We welcome home Jonathan Hawthorn who was incarcerated in Portlaoise Prison as a political prisoner. Well done Jonathan for your dignified stand under stressful conditions.

As we go forward let us not forget our comrades who have passed on since last Easter and we especially remember Vol Dan Hoban, Chief-of-Staff of the Irish Republican Army. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anamacha. We take this opportunity to send salutations to Sinn Féin Poblachtach, the true Sinn Féin organisation. Your principled stand is in total contrast to the quislings that brought your name into Leinster House and Stormont. Their grovelling apologies for IRA actions for their own electoral benefit is treachery. They have no right or authority to speak on behalf of the Republican Movement. We declare that we are the one true Republican Movement; our history tells that we have never deviated from our Republican position or responsibilities bestowed on us by a previous generation.

One hundred years ago our Republic was betrayed and abandoned by reformist elements in positions of great authority. The reformists won a Dáil vote on the Treaty of Surrender through fear of “Immediate and terrible war” by the British government. However, our comrades of that generation did not give in to the threats and hand over our Republic to the British/Free State alliance. Volunteers of the previous years’ struggle along with new recruits continuedwith the struggle. Every generation of Republicans have done so; let this generation be no different. To every Irish man and woman and especially the youth who honestly believe in the cause of Irish Republicanism we take this opportunity to say to you to take a step forward and join the ranks of the Republican Movement. We will not be found wanting in welcoming you into the ranks. We have the motivation and experience to provide you with leadership with which to play your part as a dutiful citizen of the Irish Republic in opposing the British occupation in the Six Counties.

The Republican Movement wants quality not quantity; we are aware of foreign and native attempts to infiltrate us. We are also aware of confusion among the people as to who is the Republican Movement. Once again let us be clear, the Republican Movement consists of its constituent branches, including Sinn Féin Poblachtach, Cumann na mBan and Na Fianna Éireann. Confusion is caused by the many groups which cropped up over the last two decades, originating from the reformist 1986 betrayal. Put your trust in our organisation which has never deviated from the true path of Irish Republicanism. To the Irish abroad (our exiled children as the 1916 Proclamation called you) once again we call on you for assistance. We ask you to follow in the footsteps of Michael Flannery and George Harrison. Your help will be very much appreciated. Wherever Irish communities are found throughout the world so too should a branch of the Republican Movement.

The British State is pumping billions of pounds into the security infrastructure of the Six Occupied Counties. Is this asign of British disengagement or that a settlement has been reached? No, it is not. The Irish people must be aware that there is nothing normal about the Six-County State or Stormont as it is being portrayed by the partitionist political elite and a compliant media. There are more security personnel per capita in the Six Counties than in any part of Britain or the 26 Counties. As long as the Six Counties are occupied Irish Republicans will continue to oppose Britain’s presence here. MI5 agents are placed throughout Ireland.Britain remains on a war footing to hold our Six Counties. We continue to uphold the traditional Republican policy that we oppose all military power blocs, and we reject the recent demands by some Free State politicians to end the policy of neutrality and join NATO.

The hypocrisy of Free State leaders as they support the right of the people in a foreign country to use armed struggle against an invader while denying the right of Irish people to do likewise to rid Ireland of the British presence is striking. But then the Free State is a British creation as is partition. On the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Derry it was indeed sickening to see Irish citizens cheering and welcoming the “Para prince” Charles Windsor on a recent visit to Ireland.The visit is all part of a Free State/British policy to normalise British rule in the Six Counties. In conclusion the Leadership of the Republican Movement wishes to thank all who have assisted the Republican cause over the past year and call on you to continue this good work.

Onwards to freedom. An Phoblacht Abú! 

The Leadership of the Republican Movement, Easter 2022