Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemns the search operations carried out by British Crown Forces in both Co Tyrone and Fermanagh today.

Heavily armed Crown Forces personnel along with detectives rampaged through a number of houses, taking into there possession laptops and phones.

In one incident the partner of a woman in one of the houses told the Crown Forces that his girlfriend was heavily pregnant with only one week left before she gives birth and if they could show some compassion in the circumstances. This was met with hostility towards the occupants.

Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach stands by all those affected by today’s searches and wholeheartedly condemns the actions of the British forces.

It is a regular occurrence for uncompromising Republicans to have their houses searched through during the festive season.

Sinn Féin Poblactach calls on nationalists not to join this British colonial police force, the successor to the RUC and the RIC, which is only accountable to the British government and MI5, responsible for enforcing British rule in Ireland.